How to Care For Your Wood Flowers

Caring for your Sola Flowers

Sola wood flower maintenance is very minimal. They can last forever with proper care and as they do not have pollen, they are ideal for people with allergies. 

They are best when kept out in the open, inside your home. Humidity could lead to mold. If this does occur, spray them with vinegar water and let them dry completely.

Avoid keeping your flowers in direct sunlight or humid areas. Open plastic containers with silica packets in dry, cool areas are ideal. Avoid storing in areas that get humid or warm. Humidity over 70% can lead to mold. If you store them in a cardboard box, cut holes on the sides to allow air circulation, and put some plastic at the bottom so the cardboard doesn’t get moist. Always do your best to store your flowers with silica packets.

Please do not sit your flowers in direct sunlight or they could fade.
If they get dusty, you can use a can of air or a hair dryer set on cool/low to dust them off but hold it about two feet away. You can also brush them off gently with a soft-bristled brush.

If your flowers get crushed during storage, you can get them damp with water or a steamer and use your fingers to fix them, carefully. Avoid water, chemicals, or harsh environments.

If a flower petal breaks and you want to reattach it, use wood glue, floral glue, or craft glue. Super glue can cause your flowers to spontaneously combust and cause fires. (Seriously, it must be from the chemicals in the glue.) If your flowers fall off their stem, reapply with a drop of hot glue.

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